The importance of good health

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. The importance of health comes first and everything else comes after it. Maintaining good health depends on many factors such as how we breathe air, how we drink water, how we eat food, what kind of people we meet and how we exercise. Do you like it when you are sick and can't go out to play? Absolutely not! Nobody likes to be sick! However, despite your best efforts, many times you get sick! This could be due to a change in weather or a virus, you can never predict. But, the absence of diseases does not mean that you are healthy!

Why is good health important?

Cells are the basic units of all living things. They are made of different types of chemicals. Cells move from one place to another. In addition, our body has various specific activities, such as the heart pumps blood, the kidneys filter urine, the brain is constantly thinking, the lungs help to breathe.

In this way, there is a lot of inter-relationship between the different organs in our body. For all these activities, our body needs energy. Food is essential for the functioning of cells and tissues. Therefore, if you are not well, all your physical activities begin to be disrupted.

The importance of health

Absolute health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. Healthy living requires a balanced diet and regular exercise. The person should live in proper shelter, get enough sleep and have good hygiene habits.

We need to be happy to be truly healthy. If we treat each other badly and fear each other, the healthy will be badly affected. Social equality and harmony are important for personal health.

The health of all organisms depends on their surroundings or their environment. Our social environment is an important factor of our personal health.

Public hygiene is important for personal health. Therefore, we must ensure that we collect garbage and clean it regularly. We should also contact an agency that can take responsibility for cleaning the drains. Without it, you can seriously affect your health.

We need food for health and for food we have to earn money by working. There has to be an opportunity to work for it. Therefore, good economic status and employment are essential for personal health

Techniques to improve health

Here are 6 simple techniques to helpimprove health:

Follow a healthy diet plan -

The first step towards maintaining good health is to have a diet rich in various micronutrients. Your diet should include especially fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. There are also pulses, eggs and dairy products that help your overall growth and grains provide energy for a full day of walking.

 1- Get proper rest

Providing enough energy to keep your body healthy and maintaining energy to work is essential. It requires sleep for 8 hours. In no case should you compromise your sleep. Lack of sleep makes you drowsy and upsets you physically and mentally.

2- Exercise

You should take at least half an hour off your daily schedule to engage in any physical exercise of your choice. You can try brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, yoga or any other exercise of your choice. It keeps you physically fit and is also a great way to relax your mind.

Just as it is important for you to engage in physical exercise, it is equally important for you to play mind games. These are good for your cognitive health.

4- Meditation

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and introspect. It takes you to a higher position and gives your thoughts more clarity.

5- Stay with positive people

It is important to be with positive people. Stay with people with whom you can engage in healthy and meaningful discussions and who can encourage you to do better rather than disappoint you. It is good for your emotional and social health.

6-  Routine check-ups

Getting an annual health check is a good idea. Caution is always better than cure. So if you see any deficiency or any kind of issue in your annual report, you should seek medical help immediately and fix it before it escalates.

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