Back pain

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Back pain can happen to any person, who cures itself after some time.For this reason, most people do not take it seriously, but for some people back pain becomes a problem and they have to face a lot of problems because of it.In such a situation, when a person has back pain, he should take necessary steps in the beginning so that it does not increase.However, they take a lot of steps for this, but when they do not get rest in any way, then they are looking for other effective ways.

Back pain- symptoms, causes, treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from back pain, then you must read this article because in this we have given information about effective ways to get rid of back pain.

Symptoms -:

What is back pain ?

What are the symptoms of back pain ?

It is important to recognize the symptoms of back pain. Body temperature rises in the event of back pain. Swelling on the back, sharp and painful all the time, include worsening of pain from sitting or standing for long periods of time, feeling numb around the back and hips, and in some cases, pain spreading to the legs and knees.

Muscle Stretch -:

The main symptom of back pain is muscle strain.

In such a situation one feels a stretch in the waist, which takes the form of pain after some time.

Persistent prick or pain-:

 If a person feels numbness or constant pain in the waist or back, it can be a sign of back pain.

Reaching the legs of pain -:

Back pain  can also occur in such a situation, when a person's back pain reaches the feet.

Such people should immediately contact the doctor and get their health checkup done.

Back pain, bending, rising while standing or walking -:

There is a possibility of back pain , even those people who have body pain in bending, getting up, standing or walking etc.

Relieve backache by lying down -:

Suppose you have back pain, in which you get relief when you lie down, then you mainly have back pain.

 Try This -

  1. Home Remedies for Back Pain
  2. -body pain-

    Causes -:

    Causesof back pain Men and Female (lower back pain) -

    According to Ayurveda, the cause of back pain is vata and kapha dosha. For this reason, there is pain in the lower back. These are also the reasons for back pain in women. By the way, there are many reasons behind the pain in the lower part of the back, which are the following: -

    Wrong way to sleep

    According to experts, Waist pain reason is often caused by incorrect methods of sleeping. When people often sleep in the wrong position, then after waking up in the morning, one feels back pain. If pillows and mattresses are not comfortable, then it also hurts the waist. Constantly doing this can increase your problem.

    Heavy weight or wrong exercise -

    Many times there is a problem of back pain due to lifting heavy luggage. Due to wrong way of lifting heavy goods, muscles get stretched and due to which the problem of back pain starts after some time. Sometimes exercising the wrong way or doing too much gym can also cause back pain. We should start gym or exercise under the guidance of a guide. The guides recommend you to exercise according to your body and your needs. Once the practice is done then you can do it by yourself. At the same time, while lifting heavy weight, care should be taken not to lift it in a jerk. If weighed properly, there will be no physical discomfort.

    New Technology

    People who remain busy in their phones or tabs for many hours a day have a text neck health problem. Since they are bent down their necks while working on a phone or tab. This puts additional weight on their spine. Initially, they do not realize it, but this habit gradually affects their posture, and the back pain starts. Having penetrated into the screen day and night causes problems not only in your eyes, but also in other parts of the body.

    Working continuously, taking stress -

    Your sitting or standing posture is primarily responsible for back pain. Working for hours in office or at home in a chair is also a major cause of back pain. Therefore, it is advisable to take breaks in between and keep getting up. In addition, excessive stress also affects your brain as well as the nervous system and can cause pain in the spinal cord. Stress causes back pain. When we are tense our muscles swagger. Stress has the greatest effect on the muscles of the throat and upper back, in particular. Our back hurts because of the back muscles stiffening. You must have noticed, whenever you are stressed, the first problem starts in the back. People who have backpain problem, if they remain stressed for a long time then the problem of backpain increases further, so the mind should be saved from getting stressed.

    Deterioration of the muscles of the body

    you know that all the parts of your body work together in a great harmony. This means that backache does not mean that the main problem lies in the back. Stretching in the hamstrings or weakening of the abdominal muscles can also be a cause of back pain. If there is a defect in the muscles then it affects the whole body. Especially in such a situation, the back has to do more work. This can cause back pain

    See your doctor or physiotherapist and get their opinion about it. You exercise to strengthen the core muscles. Try to keep the belly in shape too. Keep in mind that in case of back pain, exercise should be done under the supervision of a specialist.

    Spinalcord disc problem

    The disc between your spine acts as a cushioning effect of the spine. They protect the spine from any shock. Understand in simple language that it acts as shock-absorber. Over time, these discs start to become flat, or due to wrong posture or injury etc., they start getting disturbed which causes back pain. Many people also have a family history of disk disturbances. These discs always cause painful conditions, it is not, but once the discs start causing pain, there is a lot of trouble. Applying hot and cold packs also provides relief. Physio therapy also helps, but it would be better for you to follow the advice of a doctor.


    Severe disease

    Sometimes pancreatitis, ulcer or kidney infection also cause back (back) pain. Sometimes back pain also indicates cancer. In addition, spinal cord infection like osteomyelitis can also be a cause of back pain.


    Treatment -:

    Treatment of back pain -

    Treatment of back pain may vary according to the age of the person. Although most people feel relief from back pain with the help of home remedies, if the back pain is acute and recurrent, then medical treatment may be needed. Know below, giving information about them


    Doctors can treat backache with the help of medicines. You can give ointment to apply painkillers or medicines.

    Physiotherapy - 

    If pain is more, the doctor may recommend physiotherapy. It may be given mild exercise, massage or heat therapy without medicines.

    C.B.T.(Cognitive Behavior Therapy) - 

    It is a talking therapy if understood in colloquial terms. In this, therapists (doctors) find out about the stress in the patient's mind and try to convert their negative thinking into positive thinking. Sometimes stress can also cause pain, in this case the help of councilor can be taken.


    This is the last resort, if severe back pain is recurring and the condition is very serious, the doctor may recommend surgery.


    The right way to sleep to avoid back pain 

    The best sleeping positions to avoid back pain are

    People who sleep on their back can keep a pillow under their knees to support their spine.

    Abdominal sleepers can place a pillow in their abdomen and lower abdomen, so that their waist or back does not feel stretched.

    Side sleepers can sleep by pulling their legs up to their chest and placing a pillow between their knees.


    Backpain relief

    Prevention Tips for Back Pain

    Know below what can be done to avoid back pain 

    • Do yoga and exercise to relieve back or back pain, but keep in mind that after doctor's advice, do it under the supervision of experts. If you feel more pain during or after yoga and exercise, stop it immediately.
    • Eat nutritious foods, especially vitamin-D and calcium-rich foods, which will strengthen the spine.
    • Sit up straight and try to support the waist or back while sitting. Doing this will help the waist, which can reduce the risk of pain under the waist.
    • Take care of the weight so that there is not much weight on the waist.
    • Do not smoke

    When should a doctor consult?

    If you are not getting relief even after taking home remedies for back pain and facing the following conditions, then contact the doctor immediately.

    • The pain is intensifying.
    • More pain while getting up or sleeping.
    • If back pain is happening all day or all the time.
    • The pain is getting worse with time.
    • If along with the pain there is a feeling of tingling in the waist or legs, the feet start numb or feel weakness.
    • The pain is more at night and the pain does not cause sleepiness.
    • If fever comes with pain.
    • Weakness is felt during or after pain.
    • If you are in need of back pain medicine or painkillers again and again to cure the pain.

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