Corona Virus and Diabetes 

corona virus and diabetes

Hello, we are going to talk about corona virus and diabetes,  I know you guys with diabetes are wondering what to do with this corona virus. So we are going to talk about what corona virus and how to avoid getting corona virus and if  you do get a corona virus, really what you should do you as a diabetic now, number one is a diabetic you are really at high risk for corona virus so basically what you need to do is stay away from the public areas that you have close contact with
people moreover if you are and shaking try not to but if you do make sure you have frequent hand-washing the hand washing techniques are very important as well if you are just washing the palm of your hand and you are avoiding the back of your hand that may be a problem so try to pay attention to wash your hands thoroughly and try to disinfect the areas that other people may be touching specially in metro areas where there's so  lot of traffic and try to keep a distance from other people who specially may have signs of sickness so if you can try to keep your personal hygiene and trying to keep yourself away from people specially people that you do not know that may be a good step to start,

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 corona virus can be contagious even when patients are symptomatic and then you may end up getting symptoms 2to 14 days after exposure so what do you do really after you get a corner virus so hopefully you never get it by avoiding the problem however if you do get it you need to first of all self quarantine yourself make sure that you do not go to work make sure that you do not go outside of your house unless it's absolutely necessary make sure you wear a mask so you do not actually other people and tight-fitting masks are generally more helpful but also the contact can happen through the eyes as well so you have to pay attention to wearing some eye protection as well now you do not need to wear a mask and eye protection just to try to get protected from the disease but if you have it you should wear it so that you
do not infect other people but also it is more recommended to stay isolated so you do not really have any contact with other people again this disease spreads very quickly it tends to affect people with chronic conditions like diabetes there's a result if you have diabetes you may be at high risk of getting the disease and God forbid dying from the disease is CORRECTION: MORE likely NOT HIGHLY LIKELY. 

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now if you have travel plans I would recommend to postpone those plans at least until this problem goes away it may not happen in the next few months so maybe delay your travel plans for at least around six months or so to be on the safe side specially if you're going for a cruise if you are traveling by airplane you should definitely help your plans in terms of driving around I think you are still safe however I would not go to areas that you do not know about the corona virus situation and I would definitely do not go into public places where a lot of people cluster together since you cannot really avoid staying away from people coughing and sneezing and so forth the symptoms are generally coughing it could be fever and if you have a fever you will really feel rundown and it's going feel like flu and the symptoms of corona virus actually is worse than the flu and the death rate is more than the flu so as a result if you feel like you are having any sort of cold symptoms do you don't have to fever I think you should isolate yourself get tested if you can get tested for a corona virus it is become more available but I think as a patient with diabetes your priority is to avoid getting a disease and if you do have a disease make sure you
stay at home hydrate yourself make sure you rest it try not to work and then if your symptoms get worse you start getting shortness of breath and productive cough and so forth you should definitely go to a hospital if you are running a fever that's another indication for you to go to the hospital these things can go to your lungs can turn into pneumonia and can turn into septic shock and that's how these people tend to die from corona virus the people with diabetes and other chronic health conditions have suppressed immune system and are more prone to be defeated to the corona virus,

so if you guys have any questions concerns please let us know and I hope you can pass the season with no problems and don't panic just stay with pay attention to your hygiene Stay away from other people with possible symptoms if you know somebody who had corona virus and you had a contact with it may not be a bad idea at all to isolate yourself even if you're not symptomatic at that time now also one more last thing if you have diabetes and you have coronavirus your body will start creating a stress response you may have a lot of internal steroids running in your system or your doctor may prescribe steroids whatever the reason it may be the stress in your body will cause high blood sugars for

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 corona virus and diabetes 

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type 1 - diabetics that means that you need to monitor your blood Sugar's more often monitor your ketones if your blood sugars are running high and stay hydrated that's very important for patients with type 2 diabetes you still need to monitor your blood sugars and if it's going high if you're on insulin with type 2 diabetes you may want to use more insulin consult with your doctor to see how much more insulin you may need again monitoring for ketones is necessary for type 2 if the blood Sugar’s is really high about 400-500 for type 1 diabetics 10 is above 250 blood sugar but for type 2 diabetics I think you just start monitoring your ketones if it is more than 400-500 and you should not be staying at 400 -500 levels so please contact your endocrinologist or diabetes specialist to make sure that your blood Sugar's under control immediately if you do not have a sliding scale insulin or any other medication that can bring your blood sugars down very quickly then and if you are not able to achieve, get your doctor on time you may want to go to before it's too late as well again remember when you are sick from any condition doesn't have to be corona virus your body may need more medication more insulin if you are on insulin in order to control your blood sugars and not everybody responds the same if your appetite goes down so much that you don't eat anything that may also cause low blood sugars specially if you are on certain agents that can trigger a low blood sugar so the bottom line is monitoring more often at least four or five times a day will give you at least an idea about where you're standing in terms of your blood sugars

thank you for visite and I hope you can pass the season with health and happiness

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